About OsteoStrong

The story of our founder, Ken Roberts, and his story of going from pain, vertigo and discomfort to nearly pain-free

You know me, but you may not know my personal story. For a decade I suffered from fair to moderate back pain, constant join pain and an inner ear imbalance. Getting out of bed each morning was a challenge and something I did not look forward to doing.

In addition, the inner ear problem made me feel like I was constantly dizzy during the day, like being on my second beer.

I thought that these were just problems I had to endure that were part of getting older.

Well, I happened to find this program that reversed my aching joints, removed my back pain and made my head clear again.

osteostrong familyI was so overjoyed with my results, I started a program to offer it to you.

I don’t know if you will get the same results as I did, however we have had consistent improvement from every single person we have worked with.

Opening and running OsteoStrong has been like welcoming a new family into my life.  Each of our customers has their own unique story, and I love learning every one of them. 

Being able to connect and really understand the pain and frustrations of all our members is the most satisfying part of my day.